Computer Cookbook - School Recruitment

In the process of preparing for the internship, the author learned a lot from the open source community, such as knowing the blogs of many bigwigs ( [Halfrost's Field | Frostland]( ), and building my own knowledge base ( [Ricear's Notebook]( ). Therefore, I want to deposit this knowledge and give back to the community. On the one hand, you can not only deepen your understanding of these knowledge, but on the other hand, you can also communicate with other small partners to learn and make progress together.


PocketFilm is a platform that can browse the latest movie resources online. It is divided into PC and mobile terminals. It also includes a crawler tool that can automatically crawl data on different movie and TV platforms to ensure that the platform can have the latest resources. The platform mainly provides browsing and broadcasting of movies, TV series, live TV, and opera related resources.